Jimi Hendrix – People, Hell and Angels

It has been said many times that this phenomenal guitar player and musician died way too young. He left us with a mere three studio albums complete and a fourth partially done. Works in progress. Ah, what could have been. But we have to deal with the what is rather than the what if in life and same can be said of music. Since his death several posthumous albums have been released and People, Hell and Angels is the latest. The music on this album was recorded in 1969 while he was working on that fourth album. The tracks are jams he did during those writing and recording sessions forty-three years ago. During this period he was working outside of his usual Jimi Hendrix Experience trio. Many different musicians played with him during this time and it is interesting to hear him work with and play off of them. Selfishly it is the moments where it is just Jimi’s voice and guitar that are the best in my books. The licks are undeniably his even though it seems like he is holding back a little at certain points. Maybe that is due to playing with new people or just because the songs are not finished products. “Hear My Train A Comin’” is a song that fans of Jimi’s will recognize from other recordings. It is with this type of blues music that he is truly in his element and letting it all hang out. Take the time to read through the booklet that comes with the CD. It is filled with inside information about the tracks and recording process. There are also some great photos within it.

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