Granville – Les Voiles

A quartet (Melissa Dubourg – vocals, Sofian El Gharrafi – guitar, Nathan Bellanger – bass, Allizard Arthur – drums) from France that wears it affection for pop music on its sleeve.  Pop is all over this album which is their debut effort. Filled with songs that seem to be from a time gone by courtesy of the teenage love songs and surfy sounding guitars, Les Voiles is filled with a looking backwards or nostalgia for childhood filled songs. Lead off track “Nancy Sinatra” is a heartfelt look at love, “Teen” looks back longingly at childhood, and “Jeans Troués” wishes that we never had to grow up. There definitely is a theme going on here.  If you close your eyes while listening to most of the tracks then you will almost be able to hear and smell the ocean that is how 60s surf pop this is. Though they do not make the mistake of making music that is era specific.  Granville borrows the sound of 60s California pop but rejigs it into something timeless sounding.  When they are not borrowing from California pop they are still creating music with plenty of nautical themes or sounds to it.  The Title track “Les Voiles” is a darker one that still has a sailing on the ocean feel to it. Set sail to iTunes or wherever you get your music and pick this one up.

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