Paul Anka: Live in Switzerland aired originally on public television. If you missed it and are a fan make sure to pick up the blu-ray. He is of the sort of musician that we don’t have any more. He is from a time gone by but his music is timeless so still enjoyable.

At the age of 16 Paul Anka’s first single “Diana” made him a star. He became the youngest musician to make a million dollars at that time (late 50s). To prove he wasn’t a one hit wonder the hits kept coming. “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” and “Lonely Boy” followed. Anka also became very well known as a song writer.  He penned tunes for Tom Jones (“She’s a Lady”), Frank Sinatra (“My Way”) and Michael Jackson (“This Is It”). We Canadians should be especially proud of this guy as, though he is of Lebanese heritage, Paul Anka is Canadian.

On stage he is a master performer who is thought of as the last crooner.  He uses his voice to it top capabilities and also allows the wonderful orchestra behind him to have their time in the spotlight. Many of his songs are presented in the swing format including “My Way”, “Diana” and “You Are My Destiny”.

Track List: 1. Diana 2. For Once In My Life / Come Rain  3. You Are My Destiny  4. Mack The Knife  5. My Hometown  6. Times Of Your Life  7. Jump  8. This Is It  9. Put Your Head On My Shoulder  10. Puppy Love  11. Lonely Boy  12. Eso Beso  13. She’s A Lady  14. A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine  15. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore  16. Oh Lonesome Me  17. Bye Bye Love  18. Crazy Love  19. G Minor Vibe  20. My Way  21. New York, New York  22. Twist & Shout  23. Proud Mary  24. My Way