Jersey Shore: The Uncensored Final Season – Season Six

When you first heard about the reality show concept of eight young adults of Italian heritage living together in a shore house on the Jersey shore you were doubtful about its entertainment value and shelf live, I’m sure. Proving you wrong for six seasons have been Mike “The Situation”, Nicole “Snooki”, Jenny “JWoww”, Sammi, Ronnie, Deena, and Vinny. For their final season the housemates are in Jersey to spend their last summer on the shore. While the dynamic has changed a little due to a sober person and a pregnant one it is still a lot of eye rolling, head shaking and belly laugh kind of show.

Episode 1: Once More Unto the Beach: Mike has gone to rehab and is clean and sober. He has been seeing Paula. Snooki is pregnant, but is still going to the shore.  Though she is worried about how she’s going to have fun. JWoww is still with Roger who is not happy she’s going to the shore. Sammi and Ronnie are together. Vinny and Pauly D. are considering getting MVP back together now that Mike is sober. Deena is going back with a new look and attitude.

Episode 2: No Shame, Good Integrity: Deena’s boyfriend Chris comes down and meets all the housemates. Nicole is adjusting to being pregnant and not being able to party.

Episode 3: Toxic Shots Syndrome: Snooki moves into her own place. Deena is excited because Chris is coming over for a date night.

Episode 4: Blues, Balls and Brawls: JWoww plans a surprise birthday for Roger. Vinny tells his housemates that he’s chosen to remain celibate because he met someone before he came up to Seaside.

Episode 5: Merp Walk: A huge fight breaks out at Bamboo. JWoww and Roger go through a rough patch.

Episode 6: Let’s Make it Official: Deena gets arrested for public drunkenness. Mike has a surprise for Snooki and Paula.

Episode 7: Great Meatballs of Fire: JWoww’s walking on eggshells not sure where her relationship with Roger is. Mike is already feeling caged in after dating Paula for one day.

Episode 8: Control the Crazy: Deena’s feeling very anxious and is considering going home. Mike is having trouble being wifed up.

Episode 9: Make it Unofficial: A big shore storm hits and the Meatballs are scared. Snooki doesn’t think she can ever forgive Mike.

Episode 10: Shore Shower: The girls try to keep the baby shower a secret from Snooki. The housemates go out to Merge for the first time and find Angelina there.

Episode 11: Awkward!: There is some tension at the baby shower until Vinny finally has the talk with Jionni. Mike finally decides it is time for him to apologize to Snooki.

Episode 12: Raining Men + Meatballs: Pauly D finally finds a girl who is DTF. Deena and Snooki have a Meatball audition day.

Episode 13: The Icing on the Cake: We are coming to the end of the summer and the housemates time in Seaside. They decide to have a big bonfire on the beach.

Special Features: Gym, Tan, Look Back, Deleted Scenes, After Hours Merp Walk, After Hours Let’s Make it Official, Breakdown, Boobs + Bronzer, After Hours Control the Crazy, After Hours Shore Shower, Jersey Shore Dictionary Special, After Hours Awkward!, Jersey Shore Reunion, Most Outrageous Moments, Photo Shoot

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