Father Dowling Mysteries: The Final Season

Father Dowling (played by Tom Bosley) and Sister Steve (played by Tracy Nelson) are two of the most unlikely people you would expect to be chasing down criminals but they are two of the best amateur detectives in Chicago. The series roster is rounded out by their housekeeper Marie Murkin (played by Mary Wickes) and young but scattered priest, Father Phil Prestwick (played by James Stephens).  An enjoyable family friendly mystery series that includes tense moments, head scratchers and even some humour.

Though this series from the 1980s is rather dated it is the type that you sit down in front of the television and watch with several generations of the family and be guaranteed that no one will be offended. Except maybe over the bad hairstyles and clothes, that is.

Episode 1: The Royal Mystery: A British princess (played by Tracy Nelson) is the target of a murderer but Sister Steve ends up in danger when she trades places with her.

Episode 2: The Medical Mystery: A murder at a hospital that Father Dowling is in attracts the attention of the priest and Sister Steve.

Episode 3: The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea Mystery: Father Dowling is occupied with an underworld crime boss while Sister Steve makes a deal with the devil to save her brother (played by Steven Flynn).

Episode 4: The Showgirl Mystery: A nightclub showgirl, who happens to be a friend of Sister Steve, is in a world of trouble when her rich fiancé is killed on their wedding day and the inheritance he promised to her disappears.

Episode 5: The Movie Mystery: Several “accidents” happen at St. Michael’s while it is being used as a location for a movie shoot causing Father Dowling and Sister Steve to take on roles to find out who is behind all of it.

Episode 6: The Undercover Non Mystery. Sister Steve makes a trip back to the convent in order to celebrate its silver jubilee. The celebration takes on a deadly turn when a sister ends up dead.

Episode 7: The Murder Weekend Mystery: A terminally ill host at a murder mystery weekend arranges his own death leaving behind a video challenging all the writers to figure out who is the killer.

Episode 8: The Reasonable Doubt Mystery: Father Dowling gets called to be a juror on a murder trial and he raises a reasonable doubt that causes a deadlock of the jury.

Episode 9: The Vanishing Victim Mystery: After making an acquaintance of a young woman he runs into at the airport Father Dowling acts as her protector as she becomes the target of a kidnapping plot.

Episode 10: The Christmas Mystery: Sister Steve springs into action at a department store where the Santa is not so jolly.

Episode 11: The Fugitive Priest Mystery: Father Dowling believes that his con man twin brother has finally turned over a new leaf. Is he right?

Episode 12: The Substitute Sister Mystery: A nun with amnesia walks into the rectory and claims that she is Sister Steve.

Episode 13: The Missing Witness Mystery: It is up to Father Dowling to uncover whether a businessman accused of murder was setup or not.

Episode 14: The Prodigal Son Mystery: A man in Father Dowling’s confessional claims to be the priest’s long-lost son.

Episode 15: The Moving Target Mystery: A hitman tips off Father Dowling that someone wants him dead.

Episode 16: The Priest Killer Mystery: Father Dowling’s life is in trouble when a serial killer starts targeting priests.

Episode 17: The Mummy’s Curse Mystery: Father Dowling is trying to figure out of an ancient Egyptian curse and the death of a museum curator are linked.

Episode 18: The Monkey Business Mystery: Father Dowling and Sister Steve work to keep a chimpanzee from being put down after it is believed to have killed a zookeeper.

Episode 19: The Hardboiled Mystery: A mystery writer who is a friend of Father Dowling is writing a book featuring characters based on real life people and he turns up dead.

Episode 20: The Malibu Mystery: While in L.A. for a conference, Father Dowling and Sister Steve try to prove that an old friend who confessed to a murder is not the actual killer.

Episode 21: The Consulting Detective Mystery: Father Dowling mistakenly gets an innocent man arrested leading to him doubting his abilities as a detective.

Episode 22: The Joyful Noise Mystery: After Father Dowling supports a candidate running for district attourney he and Sister Steve find themselves mixed up in a case involving politics, jazz and murder.

Special Features: Original Episodic Promos

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