Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People

In 2009 at an event called the Mighty Men Conference Angus Buchan began his ministry.  Around a hundred thousand men attended the outdoor talk in which Buchan spoke of his faith in God.  While preaching Buchan talks about the time had a heart attack on stage.  His health crisis brought about a new perspective on life and God.  Buchan felt God had used this time to give him guidance about his ministry.  He is now spreading his faith to men who need some direction in life.

Three different men from three different walks of life were in the crowd that day.  They were all there for different reasons.  A seemingly hopeless car thief named Lucky (Lucky Koza) has been given a second chance on life after having a gun pointed at his head by a former cop.  A middle aged auto mechanic (Anton Dekker) who has recently found out that he is responsible for a huge debt his friend defaulted on and has been told by his doctor that he has a terminal lung disease.  And a lost young alcoholic (Jaco Muller) that does not know how to change the direction of his life.  They all discover the guidance that they need for a fresh start in life.

Based on real people and real events, Ordinary People tells the tale of how the word of God through Angus Buchan transformed the lives of three men and probably many others.

Special Features:

-Making Angus Buchans Ordinary People

-Previews of Abels Field, The Confession, Courageous, Soul Surfer, Adventures in Zambezia, Faith Like Potatoes

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