Kate Nash – Girl Talk

Kate reviewing Kate. I like it! When Kate Nash made her appearance on the music scene waaaayyy back in 2007 she was another one of those female musicians who tinkled the ivories while telling you everything that was going on in her life. Just one of many. Dial forward to her 2013 release Girl Talk and the docile confessional Kate has transformed herself into kick-ass Kate. Me thinks that the girl is trying to hard. Nothing seems to come natural to her in this genre. It all feels a little too put on for me. It is alright to mature as an artist or decide to go in a different direction in regards to sound but it all should be a lot more organic than it seems for Nash. Lots of feminist and political material here though I can’t tell if she is just trying to be contrary or actually believes in what she is singing. Being punk is not something you try on to see if it fits; you either are or you aren’t. Several of the tracks made me scratch my head wondering what this Brit was thinking as she was recording them. For example, “Rap for Rejection” is an awful mess. Kate Nash cannot rap and should never try to do it again.

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