At the young age of 62-years-old Charles Bradley jumped into the music industry with two feet with his debut album release, No Time for Dreaming. Showing that he is allowing no grass to grow underneath his feet, Charles Bradley is back with his second. A soul singer he might be lumped by many amongst the very hot retro movement but he is more authentic than someone who is just jumping on the bandwagon. The way he sings it you know he has lived it. You end up feeling what he is feeling. When you hear his voice it takes you back to those of soul legends like Otis Redding and James Brown. He really is a link between those legends and today’s heirs to the soul throne. The album begins off upbeat and then seamlessly shifts gears to some more mellow ballads. This uptempo followed by a ballad or two is the recipe followed throughout the entire album. Both tempos are done justice by Bradley. The songs are about love and the feelings involved. Charles Bradley uses his voice and its incredible range to relay the emotions. He alternates between shrieking and cooing depending on what is required. The backing band, the Menahan Street Band, is incredibly tight. His sophomore release is different from his debut and it features better production values, but it is every bit as magical.

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