Even though the first season of Boss was a strong one I’d have to say that it gets even better in season two. It really gets your brain working. Not a light show in which you can just tune out and watch; you have to be really paying attention to follow this tricky delight. Political posturing, double dealing and backstabbing make up a large part of what goes on in Boss. The city of Chicago’s government is a dog eat dog world. Tension is heightened by the fact that Mayor Tom Kane (played by Kelsey Grammar) is not going to give up his position without a fight; you are going to have to pry it from his cold, dead hands. Which makes the watching all that much more exciting for the viewer.

Episode 1: Louder Than Words: Mayor Tom Kane tries to ignore the symptoms of his illness like hallucinations to focus on the renovations of the terminals at Chicago airport.

Episode 2: Through and Through: Mayor Kane needs to find a replacement for Stone. He decides upon an ambitious newcomer.

Episode 3: Ablution: In order to get closer to Mona (played by Sanaa Lathan) Mayor Kane decides to work on a housing project.

Episode 4: Redemption: Mayor Kane decides to restructure his staff. His attempts to reconnect with his wife (played by Connie Nielsen) and daughter (played by Hannah Ware) are rejected.

Episode 5: Mania: Due to his illness Mayor Kane cannot distinguish between his hallucinations and reality. His anti-corruption stance causes trouble on his council.

Episode 6: Backflash: The housing project is the site of conflicts as riots are breaking out there. Mayor Kane is searching for alternate types of treatment for his disease at a clinic.

Episode 7: The Conversation: Mayor Kane’s new treatment seems to be working and so he sees it as time to retake control of Chicago.

Episode 8: Consequence: In order to keep control of his city, Mayor Kane finds himself having to work with Alderman Ross (played by James Vincent Meredith).

Episode 9: Clinch: Mayor Kane’s enemies are looking to have him kicked out of office. The city’s emergency managers are preparing to take over.

Episode 10: True Enough: Mayor Kane is concerned about the alliance between Doyle (played by John Hoogenakker) and Kitty (played by Kathleen Robertson). Miller (played by Troy Garity) publishes a story that is a big threat to Mayor Kane.

Special Features: Louder Than Words, Mania, True Enough, The King and his Court