Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll

In 2009 the band went on a hiatus. Now they are back and with either a lofty or tongue firmly in cheek aspiration to save rock and roll. The pop/punk band led by Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump had really past their best before date by the time they released their last album, Folie à Deux. Fans will be happy to learn that in the five years since their last album that not much has changed for the band. They continue to do everything full out. It is all  at maximum. That kind of musical enthusiasm can go one of two ways – crash and burn or soar. What has changed (and you would have to think that this was a natural progression) is their sound. For those who are resistant, I say that it has been five years and musicians do mature as they get older. What I like is that it feels completely natural and something that they wanted to do not something they are doing to move albums. The maturing of their sound has saved the band from extinction due to irrelevance. It is an industry of what have you done for me lately. Meaning you dive in and you either sink or swim. In Fall Out Boy’s case it is the latter as they have always been a whole heap of fun.