Tamaki (voiced by Marie Miyaki) is on her way to her grandmother’s house when she is attacked. It is not your typical attack in that her assailants are the creatures from fairy tales she has read. Thankfully for Tamaki she is saved by a boy. He is not your typical boy in that he is part demon that has as a duty to be Tamaki’s protector as she fulfills her destiny of becoming a Tamayori princess. All this is surprise to her as no one has told her about it until now. Now everything she had envisioned for her future has to be changed. All this plus she is going to a new high school.

Episode 1: Tamaki’s trip to her grandmother’s is an eventful one. Young men from another family are assigned to be her protectors.

Episode 2: A Step of Determination: To keep Onikirimaru safe Tamaki agrees to succeed her grandmother as the Tamayori princess. Surrounded by a group of protectors Tamaki sets about beginning to learn what she is to do.

Episode 3: The Five Guardians: Tamaki is rescued after nearly dying form a fall. She then meets Shinji (voiced by Hiroki Shimowada) the fifth of her protectors from the Shugogo House.

Episode 4: Advent of the Saint: Tamaki and her protectors head to a secret location where the sacred items have been hidden. Once there they have to stop the Logo from breaking the seal.

Episode 5: The Two Tasks: Tamaki and her protectors are not successful at defending the first seal. The Logo and their leader, Aria (voiced by Tomomi Isomura), now have the first sacred item.

Episode 6: The Course of the Battle: After getting past the first seal the Logo are now looking for a war with Tamaki and her protectors.

Episode 7: The Breaking of Bonds: The link between Tamaki and her protectors begins to fall apart. The protectors want her explanation rather than her apologies.

Episode 8: The Prediction of the Bureau of Medicine: Some of the protectors are not so sure of the mysterious man offering them help. Tamaki takes a leap of faith and accepts his help.

Episode 9: The Rumbling of the Earth: The gods sealed inside the forest begin to awaken. Tamaki and her protectors have to figure around a way to avoid the wrath of gods after she accepts the man’s offer to help.

Episode 10: The Guardian’s Feeling: In order to bring more strength to the protectors Shugogo and Ugaya (voiced by Tamie Kubota) agree to live together in the same house. The seals begin to fall one after the other to the Logo.

Episode 11: The Demon’s Tradition: Tamaki sees the good in everyone. She also feels the powers of the Tamayori princess awakening in her.

Episode 12: A Time For Battle: Tamaki and her protectors truly understand what it means to be living with the Ugaya. The Shugogo house has to divide in two in order to stop the Logo from finding the last few remaining seals.

Episode 13: The Power of Onikirimaru: Once the last seal is broken the Onikirimaru awakens and the demon within Takuma (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita) is unleashed. It is the final battle between the Shugogo house and Logo.

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