James Blake – Overgrown

Sophomore albums are interesting creatures. You never are sure about what direction the artist is going to go in. Some stay along the same musical path while others, due to their young age, mature and stretch their musical muscles. Released in 2011, James Blake’s debut album was a great start to his career. The album was filled with tunes of the electronic and dubstep variety. His voice, which harkens back to old time soul singers, was perfectly suited for that style of music and had the gals swooning upon their first listen. On Overgrown he has taken a risk and changed it up. All his songs will create a mood. Mostly through their melodies. With his mumblecore voice it is not always clear what he is saying but there is no mistaking the tone set by the music. There is a broad soundscape going on here though it is one that you won’t mind following. Couple with the deep emotions courtesy of a torch ballad or an appeal to a lover to give their love another chance. Most of it is magical and will cast a spell over you that will have you in the palm of his hand.

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