Iron and Wine – Ghost on Ghost

The music of Iron and Wine or Sam Beam has soothed many a ruffled feather or stressed person over the course of the last decade. Known for a style of music that is so calming that it is perfect for meditation or background as you curl up in front of the fire and read a good book. Acoustic folk music is the best way to describe it. On Ghost on Ghost, his fifth album, he has strayed a little bit out of the musical box we have assigned to him and added some new elements. Now you can hear touches of harmonies that would have been well suited to a Beach Boys recording, New Orleans inspired horns, and other instruments. It is still very laid back but now there are a few more layers to make it all that more interesting. There is a depth and charm that wasn’t there over the past four albums. The arrangements are incredible and show how much he has grown as an artist. It all adds up to music that will stay in your heart and soul for many years.

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