The Adventures of Merlin: The Complete Fifth Season – Blu-ray Edition

Most of us know the story of Merlin. It is a well read piece of literature. Leave it to a television person to add some new life to it by gathering a group of good looking young actors and sprucing up the story to present it to a whole new generation. Normally the target audience of this television series (18-24) wouldn’t give a fig about a young man who has pulled a sword out of a stone and been charged with protecting King Arthur. These are the younger days of the man who would become the wizard we all know with the long white flowing beard. This is the BBC series’ last season and it definitely ends on high note.

Episode 1: Arthur’s Bane, Part One: It is a new golden age in Camelot but if you look close enough not everything that is gold is good. King Arthur (played by Bradley James) and his knights embark on a deadly mission.

Episode 2: Arthur’s Bane, Part Two: Merlin (played by Colin Morgan) and Arthur are close to the fortress of Ismere. Merlin is worried about what Mordred (played by Alexander Vlahos) is up to.

Episode 3: The Death Song of Uther Pendragon: A stranger gives Arthur the power to summon the dead. He cannot resist the temptation of bringing back his father, Uther (played by Anthony Head).

Episode 4: Another’s Sorrow: Morgana (played by Katie McGrath) creates a deception so perfect that even Merlin is fooled. Princess Mithian is used as bait.

Episode 5: The Disir: Three soothsayers cast a dark spell on Arthur. Merlin warns him to take it seriously but Arthur won’t and all of Camelot suffers.

Episode 6: The Dark Tower: Without warning, Gwen (played by Angel Coulby) is taken from Camelot. Merlin knows that Morgana must be behind it.

Episode 7: A Lesson in Vengeance: Morgana and the Queen, who is under her spell, plot to kill Arthur. It is up to Merlin to figure out what is really going on before it is too late.

Episode 8: The Hollow Queen: Merlin has to leave Camelot when he agrees to help a druid boy. It doesn’t take long for Merlin to regret his decision to leave.

Episode 9: With All My Heart: Merlin has to do something before Morgana’s control over Gwen is total. He has to use some powerful magic to accomplish this and it is not easy.

Episode 10: The Kindness of Strangers: Morgana leads a hunt for Alator of the Catha (played by Gary Lewis). After she captures him the threat against Merlin’s life is at its highest level.

Episode 11: The Drawing of the Dark: Mordred does not know what to pick – love or loyalty. It seems inevitable that war will begin.

Episode 12: The Diamond of the Day, Part 1: Morgana gets ready for war. Merlin has to save himself before he can help Camelot.

Episode 13: The Diamond of the Day, Part 2: A battle takes place on the plain of Camlann. Merlin is faced with his destiny of attempting to save the King.

Special Features: Making of Merlin Season 5, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Storyboards

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