Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie – Blu-ray Edition

Weed smoking courtesy of the like of films like Pineapple Express and musicians like Snoop Dog (or is it Snoop Lion now?) is back en vogue. Or was it ever uncool? Whatever the case, weed smoking and jokes are up front and center, so it makes sense that these two veterans of stoner humour would try to cash in on the success being enjoyed.

I don’t mind older actors or comedians trying to remain relevant or making a comeback as long as their material is up to snuff. Don’t just try to cash in. No effort was put into this. Everything seemed second rate or just thrown together with no real though involved. The animation is pretty amateurish, though I could have overlooked that as “quaint” if the story and jokes were good. That was not the case, however as most of the story and jokes were just rehashes from their previous film, Up in Smoke. Do they have nothing new to offer? In my mind, if the answer is “no” then why bother? Longtime fans might appreciate the trip down memory lane but I cannot see these old style jokes bringing on some new fans.

Not all things that seem logical or like good ideas work out. Cheech & Chong seem like a natural fit with an animated stoner film.  It just doesn’t work, however. Actually it is quite painful to watch at times and I leave the film wishing that I could just remember Cheech & Chong in their glory days when they were actually funny.

Special Features: Low Maintenance Listening Mode, “Medical Marijuana Blues” Blind Mellon’s Recording Session, Cheech and Chong Gallery