Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito

Music is sometimes something that you impressed by due to the complexity of it. Sometimes due to its tempo it is something that makes you move your body. In other words, different acts or bands produce music that create a variety of responses from the listener. The type of alt rock that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and their very interesting frontwoman Karen O have become known for is going to make you feel a myriad of things. It is made that way. They want you to have an emotional reaction to their songs. Mosquito is their fourth studio album and nothing in that regard has changed. You get all the angst you could ever want on one album. Despite this continuing going to the emotional well time and time again nothing they ever do seems forced or stale. This is because they do a lot of exploring and maturing on the sound side. You cannot paint the Yeah Yeah Yeahs into a corner. On one song you’ll get a heaping portion of funk while on the next we are served up some rap courtesy of guest Dr. Octagon. They are moving away from their garage rock roots and growing up as musicians. Though like few other trios can when called upon they can crank it up and sound like a 12-member bands. Supporting all that emotion are Karen O’s alternating shrieking then seductive voice and some big time pulsating beats. A nice package!