Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias – Live from Hawaii

After having watched several Gabriel Iglesias DVDs, including his Comedy Central series, I’ve gotten quite familiar with this stand-up comedian. He certainly is one of those “nice guy” comedians with very little x-rated comedy. Gabriel Iglesias is just a funny guy who likes to laugh and that good humour is infectious as you watch him.

Filmed as a special for Comedy Central in front of a packed house at the Hawaii Theatre in Hawaii, Iglesias continues to preach unity through laughter. The extended and uncensored set is filled with funny moments. The set contains jokes about how to tell you are on a bad luau or a good luau experience/tour, some Hawaiian language lessons, the legal system in Singapore, how his 15-year-old stepson is changing, how as a large man he pays close attention to hygiene, how he has become law enforcement’s favourite comedian because of one Krispy Kreme drive through joke, how embarrassing a kid is the biggest weapon you have as a parent, how getting drunk together is the perfect first date, and his experiences doing shows throughout the Middle East.

Of course this is a must for fans though I would also recommend Gabriel Iglesias to people who are not familiar with him as he is that type of comedian that appeals to everyone.  A warm comedian who allows his audiences glimpses into his personal life by telling stories about his girlfriend and stepson. Iglesias has a way of making even a dull, mundane everyday story funny. His comedic style is storytelling and unique ways of looking at things that have happened to him.

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