The Flaming Lips – The Terror

Ever wondered what The Flaming Lips would sound like if they did darker and more introspective? The Terror would be your answer to that particular question. The nine songs on the album all have a grainy sound to them so coupled with the darker lyrics it is quite different from what the band has done in the past. Sometimes you cannot even understand the words that are being sung by Wayne Coyne. Many of the intelligible lyrics are repeated over and over in a seeming effort to make sure you understand what they are saying. There is violence, isolation and a lack of joy to it all. Pretty heavy handed, if you ask me. What they do accomplish in spades is creating a theme and sticking to it. There is no mistaking what they were going for. It is a true album from front to back which is best enjoyed as a whole. You have to throw away all your preconceived ideas about the band’s music to be able to absorb then enjoy The Terror. As advertised, it certainly makes you feel something in the pit of your stomach that is akin to terror or fear. Sometimes the arrangements are so sparse that it contributes to that fear. Juxtaposed right next to a minimalist track can be one with so many layers that it pulls you so far in that you fear you will never see the light of day again. In these instances the music contributes to the overall doom and gloom mood by its wall of sound. The strange whirs and humming make you want to keep your distance though at the same time you want to draw nearer to investigate the obvious distress. With a clear mind and a pure heart, if you listen to it over and over you will begin to agree that there is a certain beauty in pain.

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