Motley Crue on a Canadian Tour

During the 1980s Motley Crue was the cat’s pyjamas when it came to commercial heavy metal.  They churned out many a hit including “Smoking in the Boys’ Room”, “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Dr. Feelgood”, and “Kickstart My Heart”.  They say that timing is everything and the band was definitely around at Continue Reading

Sugar Sammy Back at Home

Montreal’s own Sugar Sammy (Samir Khullar) is well on his way to becoming a big international comedy star.  Beloved in his own town, his latest show En Francais SVP is show entirely in French. Not an overnight success, Sugar Sammy had to work have for what he has achieved.  After Continue Reading

Kid Cudi – Indicud

Within the rap/hip hop community Kid Cudi is one of the best writers of beats besides maybe Pharrell Williams. It is too bad that he is not as strong in the writing of the lyrics or rapping categories. It is not a good sign when the best parts of an Continue Reading