Best of Latino Laugh Festival

Hosted by comedian/actor Cheech Marin this annual event sees the best Latino and Latina stand-up comedians perform together over a couple of days at the Lila Cockrell Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. This DVD sees Marin select the best of the best and award them Chi Chi Awards in different categories. You’ll get to laugh at stand-up sets, sketches and monologues featuring John Mendoza, Edward James Olmos, Culture Clash, Liz Torres, Greg Giraldo, Erik Estrada, Rudy Moreno, Daisy Fuentes, Chris “Crazy Legs” Fonseca, Maria Conchita Alonso, Felipe Esparza, Cristina Saralegui, Paul Rodriguez, Pablo Francisco, and Jeff Valdez.

Most out there will not know many of these comedians except maybe Paul Rodriguez and Greg Giraldo because they have not been working for some time. Even the actors (I mean Daisy Fuentes was the best they could do?) are either fairly unknown or have not worked in many years. There surely must have been a better line up. Like Gabriel Iglesias or George Lopez or Carlos Mencia. These guys are all Comedy Central regulars. Were they not available? If not, then what is the purpose of the DVD? Second rate comedians is not appealing to many, I’d hazard to guess.

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