Kid Cudi – Indicud

Within the rap/hip hop community Kid Cudi is one of the best writers of beats besides maybe Pharrell Williams. It is too bad that he is not as strong in the writing of the lyrics or rapping categories. It is not a good sign when the best parts of an artist’s album occur when the guest vocalists appear. I was relieved when RZA and Kendrick Lamar’s voices were heard. Don’t misunderstand me, I believe this is probably going to be one of the stronger hip hop albums of the year but I was left feeling that if he sharpened up a few things it would be a great album. Kid Cudi has tried with Indicud to make a kind of rap version of the historic Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. It has a trippy and hypnotic feel to it like something that was produced in another part of the galaxy. He is trying to make something that separates him completely from everything else in the hip hop genre. Again the music is entrancing with its vibrant beats and catchy hooks. Where it all falls short is with the constant references to weed smoking (ok, we get it you like it) and attempts at honesty that don’t seem legit. What did surprise me and I reveled in was the song “Girls”. In it he states how it is inner beauty rather than the external package that attracts him to women. Quite the opposite from what almost every other rapper/hip hop artist. He definitely should be given props for not involving himself in the thug life type of recording that is so en vogue today. He is well on his way to becoming one of the best hip hop artists of his generation if he keeps at it.

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