Frankie Go Boom – Blu-ray Edition

When you look up quirky in the dictionary you’ll probably see a still from Frankie Go Boom.  That might peak your interest as it did mine, but unfortunately that anticipation is the highest point of the film.  Jordan Roberts (Around the Bend) keeps trying to push the comedy envelope or boundaries and is obviously going for that cult film appeal.  Now, things or films like that just happen, you don’t “create” them.  It should occur organically or it will feel completely wrong. All wrong.

Bruce (Chris O’Dowd – This is 40, Bridesmaids) is an awful brother.  For a very long time now, probably as long as he can remember, Bruce has been tormenting his brother Frank (Charlie Hunnam – from television’s Sons of Anarchy) and even worse he has been recording it all.  Because Bruce is now sober his entire family believes that things are going to change, but it is like that saying that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.  It all comes to a head when one night Bruce tapes a particularly awful one-night stand of Frank’s and then uploads it.  Very quickly the painful evening becomes a huge viral hit and that is when things become really interesting.

The interesting part arises from the fact that the girl in the video is the daughter of Bruce’s buddy from rehab, Jack (Chris Noth – from television’s Sex and the City), who is a rather violent man.  Their only hope is that Phyllis (Ron Perlman – from television’s Sons of Anarchy), Frank’s transsexual prison buddy who is great with computers, can do something to get them out of trouble.

No matter what talent you have in front of the camera (and they have a strong one with Charlie Hunnam, Chris O’Dowd, Chris Noth, and Ron Perlman) a film really lives or dies with the script and direction.  If you have an uninteresting story with underdeveloped characters and couple that with a director that allows the humour that is there (and I do see some potential for funny) to fall flat then you are defeated before you even begin.

The humour style is a gritty real one that should make the viewer uncomfortable because it is too close to the truth.  This type is tricky in that you really need a confident and sure handed director to pull it off.  Jordan Roberts shows none of those qualities.  Uncomfortable funny is a fine line to walk and Roberts falls off the precipice.

On paper I’m sure this was a good idea and the cast is a strong one, but the whole does not add up to be greater than the parts.  Instead of being weird and funny it is flat and largely forgettable.  Too bad.

Special Features:

-Behind the Scenes

-Deleted and Alternate Scenes

-Pig in the Pool


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