Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season Three – Blu-ray Edition

Several things are great about season three of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Several interesting guest stars like Ray Wise, Julie Warner, James Cromwell, and Christopher McDonald, new uniforms for the crew and couple of familiar faces (Colm Meany, Whoopie Goldberg and John de Lancie) pop in. Don’t be turned off if you are not a science fiction fan as this series is about good storytelling and being though provoking by using universal storylines like peace, love, friendship, acceptance, and even aging.

Episode 1: Evolution: Dr. Crusher (played by Gates McFadden) wonders if Wesley (played by Wil Wheaton) is living the life of a normal 17-year-old.

Episode 2: The Ensigns of Command: The Sheliacs break a 111 year communication silence when they send out a message to the Enterprise about the evacuation from a Sheliac planet of a colony of humans.

Episode 3: The Survivors: Commander Riker (played by Jonathan Frakes) is sent down by Captain Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) to a planet that appears to have been decimated save for two survivors.

Episode 4: Who Watches the Watchers: The crew of the Enterprise heads to an outpost of scientists in order to bring them supplies and repair their machines but end up with an injured Mintakan on their hands.

Episode 5: The Bonding: A member of the Enterprise crew is killed while on a seemingly routine mission leaving her son an orphan.

Episode 6: Booby Trap: Picard is ecstatic when the Enterprise locates a centuries old Aurelian battle ship, but all is not as innocent as it seems.

Episode 7: The Enemy: While on an away team mission LaForge (played by LeVar Burton) gets separated and falls down a hold from Riker and Worf (played by Michael Dorn) and they have to transport back to the Enterprise without him.

Episode 8: The Price: The Federation is considering purchasing the only stable wormhole in existence from the Barzans but Counselor Troi’s (played by Marina Sirtis) attention is focused on one of the negotiators.

Episode 9: The Vengeance Factor: The Enterprise tries to halt the raids of the Gatherers.

Episode 10: The Defector: The Enterprise takes in a reputed Romulan defector who claims to be doing so to prevent a war.

Episode 11: The Hunted: The crew of the Enterprise travel to the planet Angosha, who wish to become members of the Federation, to make an assessment.

Episode 12: The High Ground: An away team is tasked with bringing medical supplies to a planet whose peace has been disrupted by attacks by separatist terrorists.

Episode 13: Deja Q: Q (played by John de Lancie) is back and he is not happy, while Picard tries to figure out what Q is up to.

Episode 14: A Matter of Perspective: Commander Riker is accused of the murder of a scientist whose shuttle is blown up.

Episode 15: Yesterday’s Enterprise:  The Enterprise stumbles upon the Enterprise – the Enterprise which was thought lost over 22 years ago and there are survivors.

Episode 16:  The Offspring:  With Commander Riker away on personal business, Data (played by Brent Spiner) proceeds to construct Lal, an android he calls his child, in the Enterprise lab.

Episode 17: Sins of the Father: The Enterprise takes on a Klingon commander, who is to act as second in command while he is on board.

Episode 18: Allegiance: While taking a nap inside his quarters Captain Picard is transported to a room filled with creatures who find themselves in the same circumstance.

Episode 19: Captain’s Holiday: Counselor Troi suggests that Captain Picard needs a vacation after a particularly demanding treat negotiation.

Episode 20: Tin Man: While on a mission with aims towards colonization, the Enterprise is brought new orders and a passenger, Tam Elbrun (played by Harry Groener).

Episode 21: Hollow Pursuits: Lt. Barclay (played by Dwight Schultz) is having a hard time living up to the expected standards of a crew member of the Enterprise.

Episode 22: The Most Toys: After an unexplained shuttle explosion Commander Data is thought to be lost.

Episode 23: Sarek: The Enterprise is hosting the first ever conference between the Legarans and the Federation, but it is in jeopardy due to an illness to Ambassador Sarek (played by Mark Lenard).

Episode 24: Ménage à Troi: At the end of trade conference the Enterprise hosts the closing ceremony and Deanna’s mother and Ferengi are on board.

Episode 25: Transfigurations: The Enterprise is going through a relatively quiet period due to a routine mission. That is until they rescue a humanoid from a one-man shuttle crash.

Episode 26: The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1: The Enterprise responds to a distress signal from one of the Federation’s outermost colonies when they arrive they find a sinkhole instead of the town.

Special Features: Archival Mission Log: Mission Overview Year Three, Archival Mission Log: Selected Crew Analysis Year Three, Archival Mission Log: Departmental Briefing Year Three: Memorable Missions, Gag Reel, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Inside the Writer’s Room, Part One: Biological Distinctiveness, Part Two: Technological Distinctiveness, Part Three: The Collective, A Tribute to Michael Piller

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