Wavves – Afraid of Heights

At times it feels like the entire music world has gone pop. Alt-rock outfit Wavves has released their third studio album and it is filled with songs so melodic that I challenge you to remove them from your mind or not find yourself humming them once you’ve heard them. Hook after hook assault you from front to back on Afraid of Heights. They worked on the album with producer John Hill, who has worked with M.I.A., Nas and Wu-Tang Clan, so that probably explains the sound. What is also a little different about this independent outing is the different types of instruments that are featured on some of the songs. You’ll hear the occasional cello alongside the to be expected gritty guitars. What is strong about the album is the interrelated nature of it. While some may tire of the theme it does make for an album that has a complete feeling to it. Despite the change of direction musically the band has made a strong album that will remind many of a mixture of early Weezer and surf music a la Beach Boys.

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