Gunsmoke: The Eighth Season – Volume 1

One of the best Westerns every to air on television, Gunsmoke stars two-time Emmy-nominee James Arness in the title role as U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon and Dennis Weaver as his laidback deputy Chester Goode. The two men try to bring some law and order to the Wild West. Very few inhabitants have any regard for the law so this makes their jobs all the more tougher. Frontier life is not for the faint of heart and on any given day Marshal Dillon might have to deal with cattle rustlers, robbers, murderers, horse thieves, or land fraud. Watch and you’ll understand why this was one of television’s longest running Westerns.

Episode 1: The Search: A man who has recently lost his young son asks Matt to find the young man (played by Carl Reindel) who seems to have ridden off on his son’s horse.

Episode 2: Call Me Dodie: After a 17-year-old girl runs away from the abusive situation at her orphanage she heads to Dodge City where the citizens there show her how the world works.

Episode 3: Quint Asper Comes Home: A half-breed man kills the man who murdered his father and then seeks refuge with his mother’s Indian tribe.

Episode 4: Conflict: A drifter arrives in Dodge City and seems to want Chester to be her future husband.

Episode 5: Jenny: A bank robber who is hiding out in Dodge City is put in jail for murder.

Episode 6: Collie’s Free: After spending eight years in jail an ex-con is released and has a tough time adjusting to his old life.

Episode 7: The Ditch: Following through on her dead father’s wishes a young woman builds a ditch that cuts off the water supply to her neighbours.

Episode 8: The Trappers: A trapper comes back to Dodge City after leaving his partner who he believes to be dying only to discover that his partner is still alive.

Episode 9: Phoebe Strunk: After a family robs and murders a couple they realize that the couple’s young daughter Annie (played by Joan Freeman) has escaped to live with a young couple so they pursue her.

Episode 10: The Hunger: Matt and Doc rescue a woman and her child from a farmer and his son who are abusing them.

Episode 11: Abe Blocker: A mountain man who is quite territorial uses whatever force is necessary to protect land he considers to be his.

Episode 12: The Way It Is: Kitty (played by Amanda Blake) is tired of coming second so she begins to consider the attention of another man.

Episode 13: Us Haggens: Matt joins up with Festus Haggens (played by Ken Curtis) who is hunting the man who killed his twin brother.

Episode 14: Uncle Sunday: Chester works hard to make some extra cash to enable his shady Uncle Sunday (played by Henry Beckman) to come for a visit.

Episode 15: False Front: A senator is threatening to get rid of all Marshals west of the Mississippi while a reporter is conducting a dangerous experiment.

Episode 16: Old Comrade: While on his deathbed a well-known General assets that the town fool is his long-lost son.

Episode 17: Louie Pheeters: A love triangle leads to murder and it is up to Matt to figure out if the town drunk was a witness to the crime.

Episode 18: The Renegades: Quint (played by Burt Reynolds) works to prove that it is whites and not the Comanches who are behind recent raids.

Episode 19: Cotter’s Girl: Matt tries to fulfill a promise to a dying man by teaching the man’s daughter how to behave like a lady before turning her over to her aunt.

Special Features: Preview Trailer for “Root Down”, Preview Trailers for “Phoebe Strunk”, “The Hunger” and “Abe Blocker”, Preview Trailers for “Uncle Sunday”, “False Front” and “Old Comrade”, Preview Trailers for All Episodes, Sponsor Material

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