Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society – Brooklyn Babylon

A major step forward on his second album is what you should expect. Composer Darcy James Argue has upped the production values as well he should as the songs he has composed deserve that much. Though the music produced by Argue and his 18-piece band is part of the jazz community this album should also appeal to those who listen to classical due to the lush orchestral arrangements to be found. Each of the ten movements and the different interludes are all top notch and form a beautiful whole. What I loved most about it was the slow building up followed some wild improv then how the whole thing starts over again. Nothing that happens is predictable as the solos, meters and shifts of tempo all fly off in unexpected yet totally enthralling directions. On top of all that quality there are several guest soloists who appear on different tracks. Enjoy the work of guitarist Sebastian Noelle, trumpeter Ingrid Jensen and trombonist Ryan Keberle amongst others.  This certainly goes a long way towards convincing me that orchestral music is not of an era long past.

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