Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds – Blu-ray Edition

Cliffhangers are very important and almost expected parts of most television programs.  It is how they keep you interested and make you come back for the next season. Some work very well like on Dallas when they did the “Who shot JR?” while others are not so strong. Star Trek: The Next Generation hits it out of the park with The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1 at the end of season three. With Captain Jean Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) being taken by the Borg and assimilated by the Borg and Commander Riker (played by Jonathan Frakes) issuing the order to fire upon the Borg ship all seems lost. You had to return the next season to find out how this resolved itself.

Where Part One of The Best of Both Worlds was great, it was almost to be expected that Part Two could not live up to the standard set by Part One. Part Twos are tricky because they have the pressure of wrapping things up in a satisfactory way for avid fans. Besides the cliffhanger concerning a central character, Part One introduced us to that classic often repeated line “Resistance is futile”. It and other parts of the episode became part of pop culture.

The Best of Both World, Part One: The Enterprise crew comes across the remains of a Federation colony as they are joined by the very motivated young female officer, Lt. Commander Shelby (played by Elizabeth Dennehy). She is something of a Borg expert so she has been assigned to work with the Enterprise as they believe the Borg are responsible for the destruction of the colony.

Once the slaughter by the Borgs is confirmed the Enterprise is after them.  A wrench is thrown into the whole mission, which was going to be tough enough to begin with, when Borg drones manage to grab and abduct Captain Picard. Once aboard the Borg ship they begin assimilating the Enterprise captain.

This means that Commander Riker has to assume the command of the Enterprise. It is going to be a to the death battle with the Borg in the defense of Earth. The stakes are upped when it seems like Commander Riker has no choice but to attack the Borg ship putting Captain Picard’s life in danger.

The Best of Both World, Part Two: Captain Picard has been altered into a Borg now called Locutus. Commander Riker has no choice but to attack the ship despite Captain Picard being aboard. During the ensuing battle both ships are damaged and must stop for repairs.

While undergoing repairs, the Enterprise is hailed by Admiral Hanson (played by George Murdoch) and told that several Enterprise ships are going to try and intercept the Borg ship, which is heading towards Earth, aided by the Klingons.  This goes badly and all the Enterprise and Klingon ships are destroyed.

After repairs the Enterprise continues after the Borg ship. Locutus refuses to negotiate with Riker. Everything the Enterprise tries is countered by the Borg as they have assimilated all of Picard’s knowledge into their collective.  It is going to take a miracle or at the very least something very big to save the Enterprise.

Special Features: Regeneration: Engaging The Borg, Gag Reel, Episodic Promos: Part 1 + Part

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