Straight No Chaser – Under the Influence

A capella groups are very hit and miss with me. They can either be loads of fun breathing new life into beloved songs are being so cheesy that they upset your tummy and offend your ears. I’m happy to say that Straight No Chaser is a delight. On Under the Influence, their fourth album, is a collection of great songs that most of you will be very familiar with. What is really great is that the group lends their vocal chords to songs from a wide variety of musical genres. They take songs you know and inject their own flair into them. The large variety of voices (there are ten vocalists in the group) adds plenty of depth to the songs they sing. Songs from Leonard Cohen, Fun! and Adele make up some of the eleven songs on the album. A fun aspect of the covers besides the way they magically mesh their voices is that the original singers appear on most of the tracks with them.  You’ll get to hear Elton John, Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, and Jason Mraz. Obviously the artists love what the group has done with their songs and that seems to me to be recommendation enough to check out Under the Influence.

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