Over the course of its six seasons on television during the black and white era this Western earned three Emmy Award nominations. The story centers around a man thought of as a knight without armour. Paladin (played by Richard Boone) is a well off and cultured man who lives in San Francisco.  As his business card reads he is a gun for hire and the jobs he takes usually have to do with justice and he is always on justice’s side. Though he is expensive ($1,000) he is worth every penny as everything he does is meticulously thought out and done with exactitude. Paladin likes the finer things in life like good brandy, dandy clothes, beautiful women and a good cigar. The series has a rare combination of intelligent stories and rough-and-tumble action.

Episode 1: Genesis: Someone tries to kill Paladin but is not successful. This causes the gun for hire to discuss his past with the young assassin.

Episode 2: Taylor’s Woman: A rancher (played by Harry Carey Jr) who has been hen-pecked within an inch of his life hires Paladin to get him out of marrying his fiancée (played by Kathie Browne).

Episode 3: The Fifth Bullet: Years ago Paladin promised a man (played by Peter Boone) he would get him a fair trial which did not happen. Now Paladin is trying to make it up to him by seeing that he gets home safely after he is released from prison.

Episode 4: A Place for Abel Hix: Paladin tries to figure out how one of the best gunfighters in the West was killed. It is a mystery because the man had not worn a gun in years.

Episode 5: Beau Geste: A sheriff (played by Paul Richards) who is retiring is in mortal danger due to the fact that many in his town hate him. It is up to Paladin to make sure he stays safe.

Episode 6: Bird of Time: While tracking a killer Paladin runs into another man also hunting for the murderer. The difference is that Paladin is searching for justice while the second man is out for vengeance.

Episode 7: Memories of Monica: Paladin returns the favour to a man (played by Bing Russell) who saved his life years ago by protecting him from his wife’s (played by Judi Meredith) dangerous ex-boyfriend.

Episode 8: The Predators: Paladin apprehends a man (played by Richard Jaeckel) thought to have killed a marshal. He soon finds himself fighting with the suspect against a group of even more dangerous men.

Episode 9: Shootout at Dogtooth: Paladin is hired to rid a town of the three gunmen they hired to restore order who have now taken over.

Episode 10: A Miracle for St. Francis: The search for a rare brandy brings Paladin south of the border. In order to get his hands on it he must find a stolen statue of St. Francis.

Episode 11: Marshal of Sweetwater: One of Paladin’s old army buddies (played by Gordon Jones) is now a marshal, but is not very well liked. Paladin is charged with taking care of things.

Episode 12: Man in an Hourglass: A doctor (played by Alan Baxter) who wants to locate his ex-girlfriend’s son hires Paladin. Paladin has to find the young man before he can kill his father’s killer.

Episode 13: Penelope: On his way back from a trip that has lasted a year, an army man (played by Lawrence Dobkin) is worried that his wife (played by Joanna Barnes) has not been faithful. Paladin is charged with getting some answers.

Episode 14: Trial at Tablerock:  It is Christmas Eve and Paladin arrives at noisy saloon which is full of drunk men. A cowboy and his very pregnant wife also arrives and she is about to give birth.

Episode 15: The Treasure: Upon the release of a man (played by Jim Davis) who has been in jail for having robbed $80,000, Paladin is hired by his wife (played by Jeanne Cooper) to find out where he stashed the loot. The trouble is that other people want that same information from him.