Judas Priest: Epitaph – Blu-ray Edition

Hard to believe it but a band that has been around for forty long years is sounding tighter and more relevant than they ever have. Don’t believe me then check out Judas Priest: Epitaph. Rob Halford’s voice is still strong and the band around him is as tight as ever. I was totally surprised by the quality.

The Epitaph tour happened in 2011-12.  It was their last ever world tour. This particular show was the last one on the tour in London at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon (now called the Hammersmith Apollo). Metal God Rob Halford works hard for his money giving his all and screaming his lungs out. The guy never seems to slow down. It is a typically Judas Priest show with a motorcycle being ridden out on stage, plenty of pyrotechnics, fantastic lights, and the crowd loving every minute of it.

Judas Priest does not disappoint and plays most of their hits and fan favourites. Setlist was a nice mixture of old and new with at least one song from each of their fourteen studio albums recorded with Halford as the lead singer played. The music really manages to tell the story of the band over the years.

Buy this to relive a great show if you saw it already. Worth a purchase if you haven’t and repeated viewings.

“Epitaph” track listing

01. Battle Hymn (L)

02. Rapid Fire (F)

03. Metal Gods (F)

04. Heading Out To The Highway (G)

05. Judas Rising (M)

06. Starbreaker (C)

07. Victim Of Changes (B)

08. Never Satisfied (A)

09. Diamonds And Rust (C)

10. Prophecy (N)

11. Night Crawler (L)

12. Turbo Lover (J)

13. Beyond The Realms Of Death (D)

14. The Sentinel (I)

15. Blood Red Skies (K)

16. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) (E)

17. Breaking The Law (F)

18. Painkiller (L)

19. The Hellion (H)

20. Electric Eye (H)

21. Hell Bent For Leather (E)

22. You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (H)

23. Living After Midnight (F)

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