Twin Twin – Vive La Vie

French trio Twin Twin released their first long play album this spring in Europe on the Warner label. Now we in North America can check them out. They previously released an EP so some of you out there might be familiar with their music. A mix of hip hop, pop, rock and electro, Lorent, François and Patrick sing their songs primarily concerned with love and the types of things that the young generation is concerned with (cell phones, having fun, etc) accompanied by old school synthesizer and authentic beat boxing that will certainly cause you to bust a move on the dance floor or in your living room. Plus there is emotion but no doom and gloom. At every opportunity they find the silver lining in life. The moment you start listening to the eleven tracks on Vive La Vie you will be taken over by the positive energy that they inject into their music. Everything is done full force. What is most likeable about these three guys is that the songs they produce don’t sound like anyone else’s. It is like they have created their own new genre of music. Dive in and enjoy!

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