Justice – Access All Arenas

Buy this CD and get an example of the live experience of French electronic duo Justice. Recorded in their native France at a show at Les Arenes de Nimes. Around since 2007 the duo has become one of the biggest players in the European electronic music scene. When you are listening to this particular show (which was part of the tour in support of their album Audio, Video, Disco) you quickly begin to realize that they are not just recreating what they recorded. Songs are different in every possible way from sound to length. They have even blended together the songs to make one big long entity. Deconstruction seems to be the name of the game. And it is a game in which fans of the genre should enjoy. Speaking of enjoyment, since this is a live album you do get to hear the fans at the show and their reactions. Judging by the number of eruptions that come from them they were having a grand old time. Enjoy the next best thing to seeing them live.

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