Just when you think this television series could not get any better it does just that. Each season is better than the previous one. The brilliant premise of having a mild mannered high school chemistry teacher find out he has terminal cancer then decide to become a meth cooker and dealer in order to leave his family some money is a winner in every way. Pairing him with a former student who is a small time drug dealer is sheer genius. The chemistry (pun intended) between the two leads is great and the backbone of the series. Rarely a misstep has been made. It has become one of the best written shows in the history of television.

Season four ended with an unforgettably explosive cliffhanger and so you would have expected some let down in season five but that is not the case. While the beginning of season five was a little slower it does pick up in the second half. Overall, Breaking Bad continues to be a must watch television show.

Episode 1: Live Free or Die: News of the deaths at the senior home begins to spread around town. Walter (played by Bryan Cranston) goes to see his family, who are under protection.

Episode 2: Madrigal: Walter and Jesse (played by Aaron Paul) try to restart their business with Mike’s (played by Jonathan Banks) help. Hank (played by Dean Norris) and the DEA begin investigating the explosion at the senior home.

Episode 3: Hazard Pay: Marie (played by Betsy Brandt) confronts Walter about his actions. Walter, Jesse and Mike get the business rolling.

Episode 4: Fifty-One: Skylar (played by Anna Gunn) considers taking the kids and leaving Walter. Jesse’s plan might be sabotaged by an unexpected person.

Episode 5: Dead Freight: Walter and Jesse try to come up with a way to keep their business on the down low. Walter goes to see Hank at his new office.

Episode 6: Buyout: Walter is not happy about the way the money is being divided so he tries to do something about it. Jesse and Mike try to figure out a way to get out of the business.

Episode 7: Say My Name: Mike has to clean things up. Walter revels in his new power position in the business.

Episode 8: Gliding All Over: Walter meets with Lydia (played by Laura Fraser) to get the names of Mike’s new crew. Walter leaves Jesse out of the loop.

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