Gunsmoke: The Eighth Season – Volume 2

As most of you have read about, the American Frontier was not an easy place to live. There were Indians, diseases, poor hygiene, and a lot of lawlessness. What allowed many to sleep soundly at night were lawmen. Whether they were sheriffs or U.S. Marshals the men who wore the badges were the real heroes and men of courage. For Dodge City in Kansas that man was Matt Dillon (played by James Arness). With little to no help Matt Dillon attempted to keep law and order in this border city. Watch him go up against all kinds of moral issues, legal tangles and bad guys. This is one good guy who always gets his man.

Episode 1: The Bad One: Young Jenny (played by Dolores Sutton) comes home after spending many years at a boarding school. On her ride home she falls for a bandit (Chris Robinson) who holds up her stagecoach.

Episode 2: The Cousin: Matt’s foster brother arrives in town. He is there with a friend and trouble ensues.

Episode 3: Shona: There have been some Comanche raids going on and everyone is on edge. When Gib (played by Robert Bray) and his Indian wife arrive in Dodge City to have Doc (played by Milburn Stone) treat her infected hand things become very tense.

Episode 4: Ash: Two men work as partners in a freight business and get along like two peas in a pod. A knock on the head to one of them leads things to change.

Episode 5: Blind Man’s Bluff: Matt is on the search for a man wanted for murder. While on his search he has to go through a town that hates men of the law.

Episode 6: Quint’s Indian: Quint (played by Burt Reynolds) is framed for stealing a horse. It is going to be up to Matt to clear his name.

Episode 7: Anybody Can Kill a Marshal: A bank robber thinks he has killed Matt. Once they find out he is alive they go back for a second go around.

Episode 8: Two of a Kind: Two Irish men who co-own land are at each other’s throats over a woman. They are brought together when a third man makes a claim on their land because he wants their salt mine.

Episode 9: I Call Him Wonder: A cowboy finds a young Indian who is the sole survivor of a raid on his tribe so he takes him along with him. Once in Dodge racial prejudices of the townsfolk rears its ugly head.

Episode 10: With a Smile: A cowboy from a well off family believes his father can save him even after he is convicted of murder.

Episode 11: The Far Places: A widow sends her only son of to Chicago against his wishes. She tries to keep him there by buying off his girlfriend.

Episode 12: Panacea Sykes: A woman (played by Nellie Burt) who was like a mother to Miss Kitty (played by Amanda Burns) pays her a visit. But her past soon catches up with her.

Episode 13: Tell Chester: Chester (played by Dennis Weaver) is head over heels for Polly (played by Mitzi Hoag) but she only has eyes for Wade (played by Lonny Chapman). When Wade’s wife dies Chester is accused of killing her.

Episode 14: Quint-Cident: A widow makes passes at Quint, which he rejects. Now he finds himself accused of assaulting her.

Episode 15: Old York: Several years ago a man saved Matt’s life. Now when that same man robs a bank in Dodge City Matt has a choice to make.

Episode 16: Daddy Went Away: Chester gets involved with a widow. Then he finds out that her husband is still alive.

Episode 17: The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner: A saloon girl is in a deep depression after her fiancé is killed. Things get worse for her when the late man’s brother tries to swoop in and claim her as his own.

Episode 18: Jeb: A man who is riding the horse of a dead buffalo hunter is accused of his murder. Matt has to figure out what really happened.

Episode 19: The Quest for Asa Janin: A saloon girl is dead and an innocent man is accused of her murder. Her real killer is still out there.

Special Features: Preview Trailers for “The Bad One”, “The Cousin”, “Shona”, “Ash”, “Blind Man’s Bluff”, “Quint’s Indian”, “Anybody Can Kill a Marshal”, “Two of a Kind”, “With a Smile”, “The Far Places”, “Panacea Sykes”, “Quint-Cident”, “Daddy Went Away”, “Jeb”, and “The Quest for Asa Janin”

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