Falling Skies: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

If you are not familiar with this series maybe you aren’t a sci fi fan. That is too bad because this series starring the familiar face of Noah Wyle of ER fame will have most on the edge of their seats. It is an apocalypse style story with an alien angle thrown in for good measure. An alien attach has left the planet and its inhabitants in a precarious state. Six months after the initial attack some of the survivors have gathered together around Earth’s major cities and have begun to fight back. Each day is a test of survival for these brave few who have decided to protect their fellow human survivors. The show is a winner as it has good stories and strong acting.

Episode 1: Worlds Apart: Tom (played by Noah Wyle) and humans join forces to battle the aliens.

Episode 2: Shall We Gather at the River: Tom begins to wonder if his time in captivity has affected his mind. Ben (played by Connor Jessup) finds something out and decides along with Hal (played by Drew Roy), Dai (played by Peter Shinkoda) and Karen (played by Jesse Schram) to launch a counterattack in order to protect his fellow survivors.

Episode 3: Compass: After a move, Anne (played by Moon Bloodgood) begins to worry about the health of the group. Pope (played by Colin Cunningham) and The Berserkers try to come up with a plan to deal with Tom.

Episode 4: Young Bloods: Hal and Ben locate their stolen bikes and also something a lot bigger. Matt (played by Maxim Knight) is in big trouble.

Episode 5: Love and Other Acts of Courage: A skitter is captured and kept a prisoner at the camp. Hal and Maggie (played by Sarah Carter) bond over their pasts.

Episode 6: Homecoming: Tom has a tough decision to make concerning Weaver (played by Will Patton). Hal and Maggie discover an alive Karen amongst a bunch of half buried bodies.

Episode 7: Molon Labe: Tom has another captive. Ben finds himself in trouble as a result of the actions of someone he trusts.

Episode 8: Death March: Weaver uncovers more about Tector (played by Ryan Robbins). Ben bonds with a newly harnessed girl.

Episode 9: The Price of Greatness: Maggie begins to believe more and more that Pope is going to leave the group. Tom runs into a former mentor who should not be trusted.

Episode 10: A More Perfect Union: Tom finds out something that changes everything. The skitters are getting closer to the resistance force.

Special Features:

-The Skitter Evolution

-Tour of the Falling Skies Set

-A Trading Card From Rittenhouse

-One Page at a Time: Writing the 2nd American Revolution

-Behind the Scenes

-Animated Trailer

-Season 3 Preview

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