Best friends despite being complete opposites, Laverne & Shirley seem synonymous with Milwaukee and the Shotz beer factory. This all comes to an end in season six as they girls are fired and then decide to leave Milwaukee to move to Los Angeles where Laverne’s (played by Penny Marshall) father (played by Phil Foster) and Edna (played by Betty Garrett) have opened a restaurant. They usual Laverne and Shirley (played by Cindy Williams) hijinx ensue as they get new jobs, make new friends and date new guys.

Episode 1: Not Quite New York: Laverne and Shirley are fired from the brewery so they decide to leave Milwaukee for sunny California.  Edna and Frank have opened a Cowboy Bill’s restaurant.

Episode 2: Welcome to Burbank: While settling in and getting used to California the girls experience their first earthquake.

Episode 3: Studio City: Laverne and Shirley somehow manage to be stuntwomen for a major movie.

Episode 4: Grand Opening: Laverne needs some money to pay Shirley back so she agrees to be the target for Sonny (played by Ed Marinaro) in his knife throwing act.

Episode 5: Candy is Dandy: Laverne and Shirley get jobs as gift wrappers at a department store but they are in jeopardy of losing them when Laverne gets drunk off of some French chocolates.

Episode 6: Dating Game: Laverne and Shirley are upset when they don’t get onto the Dating Game and then crushed when Lenny (played by Michael McKean) and Squiggy (played by David L. Lander) do.

Episode 7: The Other Woman: Shirley begins dating a doctor whose ex-wife could be her twin.

Episode 8: The Road to Burbank: When the bill comes in for a trashed hotel room, Lenny and Squiggy have a different recollection from Laverne and Shirley about how it got that way.

Episode 9: Born Too Late: Lenny and Squiggy dream about what life would be like if they were silent movie stars.

Episode 10: Love Out the Window: Sonny decides to become an insurance salesman after he realizes that Laverne is very concerned about his job as a stuntman.

Episode 11: Malibu Mansion: The owner of Cowboy Bill’s goes away and leaves Laverne and Shirley in charge of his Malibu mansion. Despite his warnings the girls decide to have a party that could cause them a heap of problems.

Episode 12: To Tell the Truth: A game of Truth or Dare ends up with everyone arguing.

Episode 13: I Do, I Do: At a party Laverne and Shirley accidentally eat marijuana brownies and end up almost getting married to two British rock stars.

Episode 14: But Seriously Folks: Carmine (played by Eddie Mekka) starts working as a stand-up comedian but angers all his friends when his entire act is making fun of their lives.

Episode 15: The Bardwell Caper, Part 1: Laverne and Shirley believe that they have not gotten raises due to them so they send an angry letter to their boss (played by Norman Bartold).

Episode 16: The Bardwell Caper, Part 2: In order to try and get the angry letter back from their boss’s office, Laverne and Shirley, aided by Carmine, Lenny and Squiggy, have to break in and get past his security system.

Episode 17: High Priced Dates: Laverne and Shirley ask Edna for advice when their dates seem to want to move too fast for them.

Episode 18: Fifth Anniversary: It is Frank and Edna’s fifth wedding anniversary and Edna is mad when she believes that Frank has forgotten it.

Episode 19: Out, Out, Damned Plout: Sergeant Plout (played by Vicki Lawrence) has gone AWOL and seeks out Laverne and Shirley for advice on how to heal her broken heart.

Episode 20: Laverne’s Broken Leg: Laverne is stuck at home with a broken leg while everyone else is at a party at Rhonda’s (played by Leslie Easterbrook) and falls asleep while watching It’s A Wonderful Life.

Episode 21: Sing Sing Sing: Laverne takes singing lessons from Carmine so she can perform at “Hoot Night” at Cowboy Bill’s.

Episode 22: Child’s Play: Knowing that a Broadway producer is coming to watch a play she wrote and is directing makes Shirley very nervous. Things go from bad to worse when her friends, who are the cast, are a no show and she and Laverne have to play all the parts.

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