Jimmy Eat World – Damage

The Arizona-based band was making a name for themselves in the nineties with the emo crowd.  They were considered the good guys of the genre. It is about twenty years later and not much has changed as they still make music that makes them seem like a bunch of sensitive and nice guys.

Damage has an ongoing them running throughout it. It sounds like it was written about an especially messy break up. Pain and heartbreak is everywhere. Some are strong with a precious few being weaker. “Appreciation” and “I Will Steal You Back” are the strongest tracks on Damage.

Their version of music is very straight forward with no surprises. The melodies are catchy, the lyrics are filled with emotion and the requisite guitar solos are right where you’d expect them to be. If you are a fan then you will like this as nothing really has changed despite the fact that this is their first album since 2010. The trend of them releasing an expectedly solid album every three years continues.

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