Revenge For Jolly

The list of “why would you do it, Kristen Wiig?” has a new addition.  Despite more comedic talent than you can shake a stick at Wiig has made a habit of appearing in awful films.  She almost singlehandedly revived the Saturday Night Live television program, but even her immense talent could not rescue this dog (that is a pun, which you will understand later in the review if you have not seen the film).  Thankfully for Wiig’s reputation she is really only in one scene in this mess.

Obviously director Chadd Harbold was going for the whole indie black comedy feel.  He, however, misses that particular mark by a country mile.

To say that the introverted Harry (Brian Petsos – MacGruber, Bridesmaids) is having a rough day is an understatement.  He is having to deal with the murder of his beloved Miniature Pinscher, Jolly.  Jolly was pretty much the only good thing in Harry’s miserable existence and she was brutally killed by a guy that Harry was supposed to do something for, but ends up not doing.  Now all Harry has on his mind is finding the person responsible and making them pay in some gruesome way.

Joining Harry on his search for the culprit is his mentally unstable cousin, Cecil (Oscar Isaac – Body of Lies, Sucker Punch).  The two men arm themselves with many, many guns, plenty of beers and some prescription medication and are off on the hunt in Harry’s late model Cadillac.

Finding out who killed Jolly is no simple task and they leave a trail of blood and bodies along the way.  Bartender Thomas (Elijah Wood – from television’s Wilfred), hooker Tina (Gillian Jacobs – from television’s Community) and her friend and most of Angela (Kristen Wiig – Paul, Friends With Kids) and Gary’s (Garret Dillahunt – from television’s Raising Hope) wedding party end up being killed in the search for Jolly’s killer (Ryan Phillippe – Flags of Our Fathers, I Know What You Did Last Summer) .  Nothing will stop Harry.

A film in which two crazy guys leave a trail of dead on their hunt for the killer of one of their dog sound like a fun time, no?  Sadly the answer ends up being “no”.  The film really has no hope when the main guy ends up being a totally bland character.  I mean, he is supposed to be that dark loner type, but there still has to be something interesting about him as he is the focal point of the film.  Sadly there is nothing.

It is not only the lead actors’ fault as from front to back the film is a failure.  As a dark comedy I was expecting the humour to be of the subtle variety, but what it actually ends up being is non-existent.  A film of this type needs strong writing and that is sadly lacking.

Lastly the film completely wastes the talents of Kristen Wiig.  She is brilliantly funny and still can do nothing with what she is given.  This is a different kind of role for her, but I would not recommend her to attempt it again.  Look (or in this case read) before you leap, Kristen.

An independent film starring some well known actors and it is still horrible. I’m sure that will be a disappointment to many who might have had this on their radars.  It could have been cool in a kooky and gory kind of way, but end up a mess.

Special Features:

-Previews of Sony Blu-ray Disc, Absolute Deception, Dead Man Down, The Last Exorcism: Part II, House of Cards, Evil Dead

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