Wilfred: The Complete Season 2 – Blu-ray Edition

A series about a man and his dog. Ryan (played by Elijah Wood) is the man and Wilfred (played by Jason Gann) is the dog. Sounds fairly typical, right? Well, this series is anything but typical. Wilfred is actually a man in a dog suit who can talk but only to Ryan. Everyone else sees Wilfred as a dog so it is only Ryan who gets to interact with him in this way. Wilfred also drinks, humps anything he can get a hold of and speaks with an Aussie accent. Now that’s good television.

Episode 1: Progress: Ryan has to deal with a life without Wilfred.

Episode 2: Letting Go: After coming to the conclusion that his friendship with Ryan only goes one way, Wilfred decides to no longer help Ryan.

Episode 3: Dignity: When Wilfred becomes popular Ryan has issues with it.

Episode 4: Guilty: Wilfred finds himself up against an adversary he could have never predicted.

Episode 5: Now: Something traumatic happens and Ryan and Wilfred both have problems dealing with it.

Episode 6: Control: Wilfred isn’t sure that Ryan should introduce Amanda (played by Allison Mack) to Jenna (played by Fiona Gubelmann).

Episode 7: Avoidance: Some issues arise between Ryan and Wilfred after they are put in a difficult position.

Episode 8: Truth: Wilfred’s arch enemy comes back to town and Ryan is in an awkward position due to an offer made.

Episode 9: Service: Wilfred and Ryan decide to embark on a spur of the moment road trip and it doesn’t turn out to be any fun.

Episode 10: Honesty: Feeling that Jenna needs some help with her career, Ryan and Wilfred step in.

Episode 11: Questions: Ryan does some self-examination in the hopes of understanding his relationship with Wilfred.

Episode 12: Resentment: Sensing that Ryan is upset about Jenna and Drew’s (played by Chris Klein) upcoming wedding so Wilfred tries to sabotage it.

Episode 13: Secrets: It is the day of Jenna’s wedding and chaos is everywhere. Wilfred believes that Ryan is hiding something from him. Ryan finds out that there is something out there that could end up with him going to jail. Amanda has a secret of her own.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Blooper Reel, Stay, News at Noon with Jenna, Wilfred/Ryan Mash-up

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