Goo Goo Dolls – Magnetic

Goo Goo Dolls are Grammy nominees, multi-million albums sellers, and one of the top bands of the alt rock genre in the late 90s. Still in 2013 they are struggling to stay relevant.  In an effort to do just that they have used producers who have worked with Katy Perry, Green Day, Bon Jovi and Train. Seems like they will use anyone with a winning track record. What has been created is a very familiar brand of radio friendly pop rock songs. Middle of the road music with very safe musical choices. Never bad, but also never great. “Rebel Beat” is the first single off the album and it is indicative of what you are going to get as it is filled with catchy hooks and pleasing melodies. The catchy songs keep coming interspersed with the occasional power ballad. What struck me as a hidden gem was the acoustic ballad “Come to Me”; it is the strongest song on the album in my opinion. Their tenth studio album shows that the boys from Buffalo can still bring it after twenty-seven years.

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