Montreal International Jazz Festival 2013 Preview

Every summer in Montreal for the past 32 the International Jazz Festival has made this city a destination for music fans.  I write music fans because within the Montreal International Jazz Festival you can take in music from artists of every genre.  If you are a fan of pop music then acts like Sarah Slean, Belle and Sebastian and Seal.  If you are a folkster then acts like Beirut, Feist and Billy Bragg will be right up your alley. If blues/rock is your thing Ben Harper, Buddy Guy and Bonnie Raitt will make you happy. R&B/soul/funk fans have acts like Bettye LaVette, Emile Sandé and Boz Scaggs. Electronics even finds a place with Champion and Chromeo.  And finally jazz purists will revel in shows by Bill Frisell, Chet Doxas and Chick Corea.  Inclusive with no one left out because they are not a jazz act, so don’t be scared away because of the title.

Kicked off back in 1980 by the legendary Ray Charles the festival has grown in leaps and bounds every since.  It is now so big that it is recognized as the largest jazz festival worldwide.  This is something that brings tourists in by the thousands and should bring tons of pride to residents.  All in our town!

There are tons of shows happening all day long during the festival.  Some will cost you very little while others are more expensive.  Trying to be as accessible and inclusive as possible there are also loads of free shows on the streets around the Place des Arts area.  For free you can see acts like Feist, Dawn Tyler Watson, Jordan Officer, Lorraine Klaasen, The Barr Brothers, and The Shane Murphy Trio.

Just as the summer heats up so does the live music opportunities in Montreal courtesy of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Additional Information:

-Dates:  June 28 – July 7, 2013


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