Picking up where the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender left off, The Legend of Korra starts off seventy years after The War ended. The world is in a recovery period. To keep it going, the Avatar has been reborn as Korra. She is a seventeen-year-old girl from the Southern Water Tribe. Korra is a smart and strong young woman but she does have a temper. She has three elements mastered so she and Naga, her animal guide, move on to learn the others.

Episode 1: Welcome to Republic City: Korra is in training to be the new Avatar. After mastering firebending it is on to airbending.

Episode 2: A Leaf in the Wind: Under Tenzin, Korra begins her airbending training. Soon she feels the pull of the game Pro-Bending and sneaks off to play it.

Episode 3: The Revelation: Bolin is captured and taken away by The Equalists. Korro and Mako set out to try and find him.

Episode 4: The Voice in the Night: A task force is needed to go after Amon and the Chi Blockers.  Korra is selected and at first refuses to take part.

Episode 5: The Spirit of Competition: The time is here for the Pro-Bending Championships. A strong beginning by the Fire Ferrets is jeopardized by jealousy within the team.

Episode 6: And the Winner Is…: Amon makes a threat that if the council does not cancel the Pro-Bending Championships that the entire city is in jeopardy. After initially listening, the council changes its mind when Lin convinces them that the police will provide the necessary protection.

Episode 7: The Aftermath: Tarriok calls for the resignation of Lin after the attack on the Pro-Bending arena. Lin is bound and determined to keep the city safe so she makes raids to uncover Equalists.

Episode 8: When Extremes Meet: Lin puts in her resignation as Chief of Police. Captain Saikhan takes over.

Episode 9: Out of the Past: Tarriok has Korra and hides her in a cage outside of town. Then the city believes that The Equalists are responsible for the attacks but it is because Tarriok is leading them to believe this.

Episode 10: Turning the Tides: Korra is back in Republic City and resting. The council meets to decide what to do with Tarriok.

Episode 11: Skeletons in the Closet: Amon is in control of Republic City while Team Avatar goes into hiding. The Equalists have a new weapon and use it to defeat the United Forces in short order.

Episode 12: Endgame: Team Avatar gets together and plans to defeat The Equalists once and for all. Korra and Mako go to battle against Amon, who they have revealed as a waterbender.

Special Features:  The Legend of Puppetbender Presents “The Making of a Legend: The Untold Story”, Creator’s Favorite Scenes: Animatics, Welcome to Republic City, The Revelation (2), The Voice in the Night, The Spirit of Competition (2), And the Winner Is…, When Extremes Meet, Turning the Tides, Endgame