Yes, this is for adults. Yes, it is an animated production starring a chicken. But hey, he’s a robot chicken. Edgy, right? Interested, right? This time we focus on all those heroes and villains that you know so well and even a few unless you are a big fan you might not be familiar with. A cartoon for adults featuring the voices of Seth Green, Alex Borstein, Nathan Fillion, Alfred Molina, Breckin Meyer, Paul Reubens, Aaron Paul and Neil Patrick Harris. With talent like that you know it is going to be a barrel of laughs and at least slightly deviant.

Marvel and DC Comics fans are going to eat this up with a spoon. All you comic geeks are gonna love, love the Robot Chicken take on all your beloved superheroes.

The only moderate “boo” I’m going to give this is that at twenty-three minutes it will definitely leave you wanting more. It is still worthy of a buy because of all the special features. You won’t feel ripped off!

Aquaman (voiced by Seth Green) is looking for acceptance. His fellow superheroes like Superman (voiced by Breckin Meyer), Wonder Woman (voiced by Alex Borstein), Green Lantern (voiced by Nathan Fillion), Flash (voiced by Matthew Senreich), Cyborg (voiced by Abraham Benrubi), Martian Manhunter (voiced by Seth Green) and Batman (voiced by Seth Green) don’t see him as their equal. Made to feel less than super, Aquaman turns to the bad guys for validation. He goes to Brainiac (voiced by Matthew Senreich), Lex Luthor (voiced by Alfred Molina), Solomon Grundy (voiced by Abraham Benrubi), The Riddler (voiced by Paul Reubens), Black Manta (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris), Sinestro (voiced by Zeb Wells), Mr. Freeze (voiced by Nathan Fillion), Toyman (voiced by Seth Green), Two-Face (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris), Giganta (voiced by Alex Borstein), Scarecrow (voiced by Seth Green), Mirror Master (voiced by Breckin Meyer), Catwoman (voiced by Alex Borstein), Gorilla Grodd (voiced by Seth Green), Mr. Banjo (voiced by Aaron Paul) and Captain Cold (voiced by Tom Root) and joins forces with them.

It is all hilarious. Skit after skit. You’ll be left with sore abs.

Special Features: The Making of the RCDC Special, Chicken Nuggets, Cut Sketches, DC Entertainment Tour, RCDC’s Aquaman Origin Story, Stoopid Alter Egos, Outtakes, 5.2 Questions, Ultra-Violet Copy