Strike Back: Cinemax Season 2 – Blu-ray Edition

When you think of the British many of us think of prim and proper and tea with cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. With the crust cut off, of course. Personally I think that the minds behind the television series Strike Back are trying to dispel that image in one fell swoop. There is so much violence and nudity in Strike Back that even the hardiest of watchers might bat a couple of eyes. If you are not turned off by gunfights and naked bodies then tune into this series about a counter terrorist task force that travels the world. It will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch it with its twist after surprise after twist.

Episode 11: Some militants loyal to Somali warlord Huseyin Waabri (played by Anthony Oseyemi) attack an embassy escort and capture a British diplomat (played by Tom Pigott-Smith) and an undercover operative (played by Rhona Mitra). Scott (played by Sullivan Stapleton) is sent to Mogadishu alone to get them back.

Episode 12: The militants who have the hostages plan on selling nuclear weapons in South Africa. Sinclair (played by Rhashan Stone) is in trouble for going ahead with an unauthorized mission.

Episode 13: Scott and Stonebridge (played by Philip Winchester) try to locate the Muslim religious leader who has the nuclear devices. That because even more difficult after the CIA launch a strike on the area.

Episode 14: In a very dicey situation with two different enemy groups surrounding them, Scott and Stonebridge are trapped in a deserted farmhouse. They must get out in time and alive in order to locate the nuclear triggers.

Episode 15: The team follows the trail of the missing triggers to Cape Town, South Africa. Kidnappers have taken the children of an arms dealer hoping this will convince him to cooperate.

Episode 16: In a race against the clock the team tries to locate Evans (played by Paul Freeman) before the Mossad assassinates him. Evans is in the possession of Knox (played by Charles Dance), a dodgy millionaire.

Episode 17: Matlock and his team break political prisoner Walter Lutulu (played by Eamonn Walker) out of jail in Zimbabwe. The team attempts to figure out what Knox’s plan is.

Episode 18: Stonebridge and Walter go to the police looking for protection from a would-be assassin. Scott takes Walter’s daughter Lillian (played by Tracey Ifeachor) to the hospital where he notices two doctors carrying guns.

Episode 19: In a small South African town one of Knox’s nuclear devices starts to leak. The team figures out that Knox is working in association with a Nigerian terrorist group.

Episode 20: Scott and Stonebridge are sent on a mission to Budapest to stop a terrorist attack. Sinclair finds himself having to remember his combat training in order to save Richmond (played by Michelle Lukes).

Special Features: Digital Copy, Audio Commentaries

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