Michael Franti & Spearhead – All People

Pop music is such a vast genre that eventually everyone falls into it, whether on purpose or by accident. Michael Franti has been leaning towards it lately and with his latest album, All People, he steps into the genre with his name checking Beyoncé and Jay Z, copies Flo Rida’s whistling style on a song and lays down tracks that are mainstream arena anthems begging to be sung out loud by thousands at a time. A prime example of this is the very catchy lead single “I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)”. You can’t fault the guy who is stepping far from his punk rap origins as he does it well and seems comfortable doing it. The album is pure pop with its requisite Matrix produced track. Even if you are a long time fan I don’t see how you cannot help but like All People. Yes, there is less substance to it than previous albums but that doesn’t make it lightweight either. Cut him a break as he has not sold out and you can still be an activist who turns out pop tunes. Maybe even a better one as more people listen to pop music than any other genre so your message is reaching more ears and consciousnesses. Very listenable without veering into the cheesy area.

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