All good things come to an end they say but the end of this involving FX series is not welcomed by this reviewer along with millions of other fans of the series. From the very first episode to this the end of the fifth season this has been a well-written and extremely well-acted series. Many are sad to see it end. Emmy Award winner Glenn Close is the centerpiece of the legal series that involves her playing a character that will try to win her cases at any cost. The series ends with the inevitable and much anticipated in court showdown between Patty Hewes (played by Glenn Close) and her former protégée, Ellen Parsons (played by Rose Byrne). Like each previous season the two leads are joined by high profile guest actors and this season they are Jenna Elfman, Ryan Phillippe, Janet McTeer, Judd Hirsch and Victor Garber.

Episode 1: You Want to End This Once and For All?: Ellen is going to testify on behalf of Patty’s son Michael (played by Zachary Booth) in his custody suit. Instead the two foes are set to face off in court on an insider trading-cyber hacking case involving Channing McClaren (played by Ryan Phillippe).

Episode 2: Have You Not Met the Eel Yet?: The wrongful death suit against McClaren begins and Ellen worries about Patty’s seemingly close relationship with the judge. A lawyer that has a previous relationship with Patty, Kate Franklin (played by Janet McTeer), begins to work with Ellen.

Episode 3: Failure is Failure: Patty is looking to prove that Naomi Walling (played by Jenna Elfman) committed suicide after a meeting with Channing McClaren. She has filed the suit on behalf of Naomi’s daughter, Rachel (played by Alexandra Socha).

Episode 4: I Love You, Mommy: A computer hacker who goes by the name Samurai Seven (played by Bill Camp) offers to sell information on the case to both Ellen and Patty. Patty visits her dying father, Lyle (played by M. Emmet Walsh), on request of Kate.

Episode 5: There’s Something Wrong with Me: Both Patty and Ellen try to use the information from Samurai Seven. Patty blackmails a government worker to gain an inside track on information that will help her case.

Episode 6: I Need to Win: A witness surfaces that might challenge Channing McClaren’s account of the night he met Naomi in a New York hotel room. Both Patty and Ellen work hard to avoid a settlement in the case.

Episode 7: The Storm’s Moving In: Channing McClaren uncovers that a murdered Samurai Seven sold information to Ellen and Patty. Patty and Ellen travel to Maine to interview an expert computer witness and are stranded there due to weather.

Episode 8: I’m Afraid of What I’ll Find: Patty threatens to reveal that Channing McClaren’s primary financier, Helmut Torben (played by William Sadler), was involved with the insider trading at Princefield. Chris Sanchez (played by Chris Messina) uses McClaren’s website to leak information about the U.S. Army redeploying mentally unstable soldiers.

Episode 9: I Like Your Chair: Ellen uncovers the hit man that Patty hired to kill her. Tension rises between Channing McClaren and Rutger Simon (played by John Hannah).

Episode 10: But You Don’t Do That Anymore: Ellen plots to use Michael’s custody case for Catherine (played by Kiley Liddell) to bring down Patty. A person she thought to be on her side double crosses Ellen and is set to testify for Patty.

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