Girls: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

It takes a couple of episodes to get into but once you get into its rhythm you’ll have to agree that Girls is one of the better shows on television today. Not from your typical cookie cutter mould, Girls and its creator Lena Dunham is a different kind of animal. It tries to paint an accurate picture of the twentysomething generation from a female perspective. Filled with a variety of young, educated women living in New York City, the show centers around the love affairs in their lives but in a refreshingly honest kind of way. One thing that the show does very well is examine relationships between females and all the intricacies involved.

Episode 1: It’s About Time: Back from her honeymoon, Jessa (played by Jemima Kirke) returns to New York. Hannah (played by Lena Dunham) is throwing a party in celebration of moving into her new place.

Episode 2: I Get Ideas: Elijah (played by Andrew Rannells) begins to wonder about his sexuality. Jessa discovers she likes being someone’s wife.

Episode 3: Bad Friend: Hannah makes a new friend. An annoying artist is brought back into Marnie’s (played by Allison Williams) life.

Episode 4: It’s a Shame About Ray: Hannah hosts a dinner party but all the guests don’t get along. Jessa meets her in-laws.

Episode 5: One Man’s Trash: Hannah is attracted to a doctor (played by Patrick Wilson) and his lifestyle despite the fact that he is older.

Episode 6: Boys: Hannah signs a publishing contract involving e-books. Adam (played by Adam Driver) talks Ray (played by Alex Karpovsky) into embarking on an adventure with him.

Episode 7: Video Games: Hannah goes with Jessa to meet her father and his new family. Hannah ends up having sex with Jessa’s half-brother, Frank (played by Nick Lashaway).

Episode 8: It’s Back: Hannah tries to hide from her parents who are in for a visit how worried she is about her book. Adam gets set up on a date.

Episode 9: On All Fours: Her deadline and pressure by her publisher becomes more and more stressful for Hannah. Adam’s new relationship is not easy.

Episode 10: Together: Marnie and Charlie (played by Christopher Abbott) have a misunderstanding. Ray hopes that Shoshanna (played by Zosia Mamet) is impressed with his career move.

Special Features: Digital Copy, Inside the Episodes, Episode 5 Table Read, Charlie Rose Interview with Lena Dunham, The New Yorker Festival 2012: Emily Nussbaum Interviews Lena Dunham, Guys on Girls, The Making of Girls, Gag Reel, Music

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