Luke Bryan – Crash My Party

Luke Bryan had a big hit with his last album, Tailgates & Tanlines. Such a big hit that I’m sure fans (and maybe even the artist himself) were worried that he could live up to it and not feel too much pressure when writing and recording the follow up. While he is considered to be a Country artist a Luke Bryan album is usually filled with little bits from many different musical genres. On his fourth album Crash My Party you can hear plenty of pop rock and what people are calling hick hop (country version of hip hop). Now you might be thinking that Luke Bryan is continuing along the road he has already forged of songs aimed at being played over Spring Break or drinking songs to be sung along to. That would be wrong as he goes a little deeper into himself for the thirteen songs on the album. The music is in the background to the lyrics allowing you to feel the emotions he is singing about. There is less party and beer drinking and more mature subject matter. Smart move as he is getting a little long in the tooth to continue along the party 24/7 path. Modern country fans will eat it all up with a spoon as this is a product aimed directly at you and your ears.

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