Ocean Men: Extreme Diving – Blu-ray Edition

Underwater photography is done well by a select few directors. Needless to say freediving is also something done by a precious few people.  Freediving is the extreme sport of diving as far down as you can without the use of any breathing apparatus.  It is just you and the capacity of your lungs.

Over the years people have competed to set new depth records. As you can well imagine the whole experience is a rather spiritual thing.  In Talbot’s visually stunning film he follows the feats of two divers, Pipin Ferreras and Umberto Pelizzari.  These two are both trying to dive deeper than a human being has ever been able to before.  The rivalry between the two is not what is focused on rather it is the beauty of where and what they are diving in that takes center stage.  You must have figured it would have to be amazing as these two men are risking their lives doing what they do.

The very different approaches to their task is briefly gone over by Talbot, but the bulk of what makes up the 40 minute film is the passion that each man brings to freediving.  All the scenes underwater almost seem like a dream as that is how they are photographed.  The colour is spectacular with the blues and blacks being like little I’ve ever seen before.

Special Features: BD-Live, Previews for Wild Ocean, Ride Around the World, Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs, Dinosaurs Alive!, The Alps, Coral Reef Adventure, Dolphins, Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, Hurricane on the Bayou, Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk, Greece: Secrets of the Past, Journey Into Amazing Caves, The Living Sea, The Magic of Flight, Mystery of the Nile, Super Speedway

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