This Star Trek saga takes place in the mid-22nd century. The Enterprise NX-01, the Starfleet’s first warp five starship, is under the guidance of Captain Jonathan Archer (played by Scott Bakula). Archer and his crew are charged with the exploration of space before the formation of the United Federation of Planets.

Enterprise is a Star Trek series that many fans look down upon and that is quite unfair as though there were weak moments there were also some rather high quality episodes produced over the course of its run. The first season of the series was rather shaky but they picked it up in the second.

Episode 1: Shockwave, Part 2: Archer and Daniels (played by Matt Winston) have to make their way back to the 22nd century to ensure things happen as they should. This is rendered very difficult as Earth has been ravaged and time portals have been destroyed.

Episode 2: Carbon Creek: How the Vulcans made their first contact with Earth in the 1950s. T’Pol (played by Jolene Blalock) tells the tale of a Vulcan ship that crash landed in Pennsylvania in 1957.

Episode 3: Minefield: The Enterprise is exploring a new planet when it trips a cloaked mine. While the crew is trying to repair the damage they discover another.

Episode 4: Dead Stop: A Romulan minefield has caused damage of the Enterprise which the crew cannot repair. Archer decides to put out a distress signal.

Episode 5: A Night in Sickbay: Porthos visits an alien planet and returns to the ship having contracted a deadly virus. Archer spends a night in sickbay with him.

Episode 6: Marauders: The Enterprise visits a mining colony as it is in need of fuel. While there the crew discover that the colony is being controlled by the Klingons.

Episode 7: The Seventh: T’Pol is contacted by the Vulcan High Commander.  Archer, T’Pol and Mayweather (played by Anthony Montgomery) pursue a fugitive in an arctic world.

Episode 8: Archer and Reed (played by Dominic Keating) time travel to a pre warp time. There they find themselves in the middle of an outbreak of war due to a lost communicator.

Episode 9: Singularity: While in a trinity star system the Enterprise attempts to survey a black hole. Soon the black hole begins to have strange effects on the crew.

Episode 10: Vanishing Point: Hoshi (played by Linda Park) experiences her first transporter. Afterwards she begins to have strange side effects which lead her to believe that she wasn’t reassembled correctly.

Episode 11: Precious Cargo: Trip (played by Connor Trinneer) boards an alien vessel in order to help with repairs. There he discovers a beautiful woman who is being held prisoner.

Episode 12: The Catwalk: A neutronic storm is approaching and the Enterprise has to seek shelter. Once it finds it, Archer and the crew take in an alien people who are not exactly the most honest people.

Episode 13: Dawn: During a shuttlepod test Trip is attacked by aliens. He is forced to seek shelter on the night side of the moon.

Episode 14: Stigma: The Enterprise travels to a planet that is hosting an Interspecies Medical Exchange. Dr. Phlox (played by John Billingsley) tries to find out some information about a terminal disease without letting on that T’Pol has contracted it.

Episode 15: Cease Fire: A conflict starts up when both the Vulcans and Andorians lay claim to the same planet. The Vulcans then communicate they are interested in negotiating a cease fire.

Episode 16: Future Tense: The Enterprise comes across a drifting craft. Inside they discover a human body.

Episode 17: Canamar: Archer and Tucker are wrongly arrested and put on a transport to the planet Canamar. One of the prisoners aboard the ship plans to take it over.

Episode 18: The Crossing: Aliens without bodies possess the bodies of the crew of the Enterprise.

Episode 19: Judgment: Archer is accused of crimes against the Klingon Empire. He is put on trial.

Episode 20: Horizon: Every time Travis goes home there is conflict. He gets in fights with the ship’s new captain, his brother.

Episode 21: The Breach: Militants take over a planet and the Enterprise tries to evacuate geologist that are deep underground. A dying Antaran refuses treatment from Dr. Phlox due to the conflicts between the two races.

Episode 22: Cogenitor: The Enterprise makes its first contact with the Vissians. They are a species with three genders.

Episode 23: Regeneration: A research team in the Arctic discover parts of a ship and two frozen bodies. Once thawed the two make their escape.

Episode 24: First Flight: Archer tells T’Pol the story of the competition he had with A.G. Robinson (played by Keith Carradine) to break the warp 2 barrier.

Episode 25: Bounty: After being captured by a bounty hunter, Archer learns that the Klingons have put a price on his head. A virus causes T’Pol to go into early Pon Farr.

Episode 26: The Expanse: The Xindi attack Earth. There are many deaths and destruction. The Enterprise returns home.

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